Top Ten Web Hosting Companies

In this time when there are so many host servers, it is quite difficult to know the kind of host that is better than the rest. There are a number of features focused on to determine the best hosting company. These factors include price, the performance, and customer support among other considerations. Having taken these and other considerations into account, here a list of the top 10 web hosts.

1) iPage

This is a host serving over a million customers. The host which now aims to provide services to small and medium size businesses has been considered to be the best host. It was founded in Boston, 1998. It offers unlimited disk capacity for its customers and free online stores.

2) JustHost

It was established in 2007 from which it has gained its reputation. It has had an outstanding performance in terms of personal websites and small businesses. It has promised to do very well despite being younger than most hosts. It is easy to use and very reliable.

3) FatCow


It can be traced back to 1998 where it was developed focusing on small and medium businesses. It is one of the easiest to use and has one of the best technical support teams. Their support team has always been there for their customers at all times when they need them.

4) HostGator

This was established in 2002 and has shown very good performance. It is based in Houston and it is regarded as one of the fastest growing businesses in the entire Texas. It offers very reliable services and is regarded as efficient by users. It provides many hostgator coupon as well.

5) Web hosting hub

It was established in 2001. Users can receive very cheap and reliable services with the host. Their support team offers recommendable services to their customers and it is very easy to use. With them you are always assured of getting back your money.

6) JaguarPC

This was established in 1998 but achieved a 95% growth in 2012. It is also said to be very easy to use without experiencing so many complications. Their technical support is responsive and a serious one offering the customers with the necessary assistance at all times.

7) GoDaddy.

It was established in 1997 and it is now know in almost every part of the world. Despite the fact that their services are expensive they are also satisfactory. It is reliable with a very good security provided by their support team.

8) Bluehost

With 3.95 US dollars a month, this company gives more than you may expect. The website is quite easy to use and very reliable. Their support team offers services around the clock therefore ensuring all your issues are settled at any time.

9) Host Monster

This one offers unlimited space for their clients which they can store as much data as they wish. Though it may be very costly, it has good facilities that offer their customers high quality services.

10) InMotion

This closes the top 10 chapter. It is versatile targeting many options in the market including personal websites, businesses and even corporate websites. Their services have been rated to be satisfactory by their clients.


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What are coupon codes?

In the field of marketing, a coupon is a ticket which can be further exchanged for a product so that you can get a rebate or a discount on the purchase you make. Traditionally, they are issued by manufacturers of the products or by the retailers, so that this technique can be used for sale promotions. There can be different reasons for issuing the promotion codes as and when suits the purposes of the seller and buyer.

What is different about Hostgator?

Getting the new hostgator promo code is an easy task; they don’t have a very long process to get you registered under them so that you can avail their benefits. They are among the world’s top largest web hosting companies. They have more than 8,000,000 hosted domains that trust their services and indulge in them. Employing over 850 personnel, one of the prime aims of Hostgator is to provide you superior and round the clock technical support. They are the ideal choice if you are looking to get a website for business, personal, or any other purpose. The best part about their offers is that each and every web hosting plan comes with a 45 day money back guarantee.

The value of money never lessens. And every penny saved is a drop in the ocean. The best part about these coupons is that you can use them on any order you make. Generally the rules meant to follow to make the order are as simple as these-

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Choosing a Web Hosting Domain

If you are planning to have a blog, it is fact that you will be looking for the most excellent Web Hosting Domain and service that will help you make your dreams come true. Beneath, some points are given concisely, make sure your web hosting corporation meets all the points and such you can select the finest hosting for your blog.

Points to Note

Your rationale: First of all, ask yourself, for what reason you are going to release the blog? Is it just for your enjoyment or local commerce or making money online? For enjoyment, you can prefer any free hosting overhaul. But for local commerce or making money online, you have to select a specialized host company. This would cost you some charges but the professionalism and the overhauls of them must aid you meet your commands.


Trouble-free site builder scheme: Does the web host company have a trouble-free site designer system? So that, 0ne can works on his or her blog with no trouble without knowing any programming. In addition, be sure that you can shift your site to any additional hosting companies at any time if you are not pleased with their services.

Essential knowledge if you’re a beginner: An ideal and specialized hosting company will educate you the essential things if you do not be acquainted with about running the scheme. This will save your time and cash too.

Field based email id: Domain based email id is for all time more qualified than using other site’s email identification. Using name will aid you draw the customers. As well, pop mailboxes, unrestrained auto responders and many more are to be observed.

High-quality online administrator: While transferring enormous amounts of data, online administrator can take an extensive time. FTP can be an answer for this. Ensure your host company has a simply operated online managing scheme so that you can help your blog without difficulty though you are a non-tetchy.

High-quality client care service: A high-quality hosting company must have a high-quality and active purchaser care service. Before taking any ultimate decision to get your Web Hosting Domain, gather many companies’ numbers and name them. If their waiting time is little and seem proficient, you’d better take service from them.

Pace access and dependability: Your web host must be speedy and dependable. Ensure their uptime is not below 99%.

Space: If you’re not going to upload videos and songs frequently in your blog, don’t think of an enormous space. A lot of companies offer smooth unlimited (blue host web hosting bring in unlimited plans) or 100GB space in particular rates. These are nonentity but a technique to draw the customers. Since, you will very barely need even 1GB space to run a usual website! For 500 pages and connected files, you may require only 500MB!

When you are selecting a web hosting company, it is imperative that you rely on additional more than just one or two pieces of recommendation on a commendation. A lot of recommendations are from person who has knowledge on them.


Can you really get free web hosting with no ads?

Yes, it is possible. Today, some of the main top web hosting companies are 100% free and contain no advertisements at all. This is a very good example for the question. Let’s get into its details. A free web hosting no ads is an internet hosting service that is ultimately free from any expenses as well as advertisements. These types of companies are normally supported with advertisements. But a new trend has come where the free web hosting carried no advertisements at all. The main benefit of these companies is that these companies provide sufficient features required for your web site.

Basic features of free web hosting no ads: -

  • Unlimited Speed and size: – Disk space or the size provided by the company for storing files including images, videos and audios will be the same as that of the normal companies. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that affects your size. Normally these companies provide good speed for transferring your files and other stuffs.


  • Free technical assistance: – Always prefer a company that helps in offering a free website creation application where the client can simply create a new website using the templates provided for him. He can also add texts and images as per his desire if required. File Transfer Protocol or FTP is another facility provided by these companies. It is the basic protocol that is required for transferring your files to the World Wide Web. It is also required for downloading the files that are necessary for your system. A good free web hosting provider will provide 24/7 technical assistance along with FTP. This is a basic criteria required by every client and therefore it is unavoidable too.
  • Email: – A free web hosting service will help you with free email services too. This is necessary for setting up your domain name. The email service offered by the company must render a free webmail interface, POP3 and SMTP so that you can set up your domain name and get access to your account using mobile phone too.
  • Uptime and support: – A free web hosting company must provide a free, reliable and easy telephone and email service. It must provide a 24/7 network monitoring service. Along with that, it must also provide onsite backup power supply, hardware and network configurations and other technicalities. You must ask and ensure these services before signing an agreement contract.
  • Price: A free web hosting provided must be completely free and must not charge even a small price for any of the above stated services. Apart from that, the company must not force the client to post ads as a reward for the services provided by them. This is a commonly seen procedure that most of the fee web hosting companies asks the clients to post ads of their company frequently on the client’s website. This is not a fair and customer friendly act. Therefore, if a company asks you to do such things, then say a big no to them as slowly they might even try to get hold of your works and might even command you to obey their terms and conditions.

How reliable are the web hosting reviews?

Choosing the correct web hosting services becomes a colossal task for many people. They get confused after exploring mind-boggling plans and packages offered by various web hosts around the globe and often seek assistance from the reviews posted by other customers based on their personal experience. Many review forums act as a platform to guide the novices in this field but a hint of speculation always remains that how reliable are these reviews.

Speculations on the reliability of the reviews

Some reviews sound realistic through the anecdotal experiences narrated by many users, but at some point they seem fabricated with much exaggeration. Some web hosting reviews look sham as an act of promoting the plans and packages of a certain web hosting company. So, a question often arises on the mind of the customers on the reliability of the reviews posted online. Some people take decisive actions based on those reviews while some still remain in a dilemma about choosing the best web host. Some reviews do not provide enough information on the various facets of the quality of services offered; rather they just narrate a tell-a-tale personal account of the situations faced by the person.

Choosing the correct review site


Reviews can help in decision making and influence people to a great extent. People often tend to relate their situation with the similar situations faced by other people around the globe. So, it is very crucial to select and follow the correct site which publicizes the true reviews. Gimmicky websites will always provide sham content and fabricated reviews. So, you should always stay away from such websites and do not let that influence your decision. You may choose to follow the official website but the review blogs of official websites generally propagates their own services and plans instead of giving you a clear glimpse of the real situation. Those blogs often brag about their own services in a positive way. You will hardly find any negative comments about that web hosting company or its services.

The best place to look for reviews

The platform for following authentic online reviews about web hosting company is to follow the reviews of discussion forums. Real people share their real experiences in discussion forums. You can ask your queries and get genuine feedback from people who are actually acquiring services from web hosts and can guide you accordingly. Shams and gimmicks are seldom reported in discussion forums so; it’s a safe place to get answers of your queries. You can interact with the people worldwide, discuss the problems and get genuine feedbacks. You can analyze the reality behind the promises of the web hosting companies regarding their services through the real experience of the people. You do not have to scrutinize and speculate about the terms and conditions laid down by the web hosting companies rather you can discuss about these with many people participating in the discussion forum.

So, it is important to be guided and influenced by the authentic web hosting reviews before choosing it to showcase your website as choosing the right web host means investing on the right stakes.